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Stakeholder Engagement

Fostering Effective Relationships
Engaging with stakeholders is a key part of risk management that helps us manage community impacts, access new resources and avoid project delays.

At our core, our mission to provide affordable energy underpins socio-economic development in regions where we operate. Fulfilling our mission in a socially responsible way requires collaboration and partnership. To build trust and understand how our operations impact communities where we operate, we regularly and thoughtfully engage with a variety of stakeholders: landowners, suppliers, community organizations, lawmakers, elected officials, regulators, industry peers, employees, business partners and others.

We offer stakeholders multiple options for contacting us, including direct contact with our staff, toll-free phone lines, e-mail and social media channels. The results of these conversations serve to deepen our understanding of what’s important to our stakeholders and provide opportunities to collaborate on sustainable solutions.

In 2021, we continued to connect with our stakeholders through virtual and in-person engagements, with an emphasis on safety and respect for personal considerations due to continued COVID-19 concerns. In 2021, we also redesigned our Community Engagement Councils to pull in different perspectives across our operating areas. Now, employees from supply chain, environmental, safety, regulatory and other departments work in partnership with our social investment team to strategically invest in our communities to address local needs. See our Stakeholder Map for more details of how we engage stakeholders.

Community Engagement
We come together with landowners during local events.

Engaging with Landowners

By engaging with landowners, we seek to foster understanding and trust and lay the foundation for mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships. Our actions are guided by our values, internal standards and operating culture. Our Land team is committed to proactively sharing our plans and project updates or changes, answering questions and addressing concerns in a timely manner.

Typical landowner engagement begins with a Marathon Oil Field Surface Land Professional sitting down with the landowner to proactively discuss what to expect once operations begin. This person continues to engage with landowners after operations begin. Due to COVID-19, we engaged in both in-person and virtual meetings with landowners.

In addition to face-to-face and community meetings, landowners can contact Marathon Oil at any time by phone, e-mail, fax and mail. We track landowner concerns in an internal system and follow through until an issue is resolved. The vast majority of these requests in 2021 were questions about payment details and ownership. We provide ongoing training to our call center employees and make process improvements where needed.

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