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HES&S Training

Building Ownership and Consistency
Our training program helps our workforce protect itself, our customers and the communities in which we operate.

We provide orientation, training, coaching and mentoring to strengthen the skills and safety of our employees and contractors. The Training and Qualification element of our Responsible Operations Management System (ROMS) establishes expectations for addressing risks inherent to our business, including safety risks, and our training embeds these expectations into our everyday work at all levels of the organization.

After ceasing all in-person training in 2020 due to COVID, we were fortunate to be able to bring it back in 2021, following Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention protocols. In 2021, employees were engaged in our in-person trainings and recorded nearly 37,000 hours of HES training in our online Learning Management System. Topics included return-to-office processes, environmental and regulatory content, and safe work practices. We achieved a 95% compliance rate with training requirements.

Hours of HES training recorded in our LMS* by employees in 2021
*Learning Management System

Occupational Health

We value a healthy and safe workplace and work to protect the well-being of our employees and their families both at work and at home. ROMS guides our efforts to identify and address key health challenges in our operations. Our exposure assessment process builds upon and aligns exposure risk management with our HES&S risk assessment process. We identify and rank potential chemical, physical and biological exposure hazards according to risk and then apply industrial hygiene monitoring to control hazards.

In 2020, we partnered with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to assess employee exposure. NIOSH became fully focused on COVID-19 response and was unable to work with us, so we hired a third-party firm to continue our multi-year study on contractor and employee exposures.

Safety Prevention
We address safety risks through rigorous training and protocols.

Product Stewardship

We continue to integrate product stewardship principles as part of our safety management system. We work internally and with outside vendors to foster the safe use, handling, transportation, storage, recycling, reuse and disposal of materials, products and wastes. We also provide online Safety Data Sheets with information on health and safety aspects for 100% of our products and make them available at our well sites. Exclusive of third-party firefighting chemicals and materials containing Teflon (e.g., seals and gaskets), we don’t use any fluorinated-based chemicals (PFAS/PFOA) in our operations.

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