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Goals and Highlights

Goals and Highlights
Our quantitative objectives and key 2021 highlights demonstrate our commitment to meeting global energy demand with leading ESG performance.

¹ All percentage reductions are relative to 2019 baseline performance. Emission estimates and baselines may change as EPA updates its rules for calculating methane and GHG emissions

² Gas capture percentage: the percentage of volume of wellhead natural gas captured upstream of low pressure separation and/or storage equipment such as vapor recovery towers and tanks.


2021 Performance Highlights

Surpassed 2021 30% GHG intensity reduction target relative to 2019 baseline
Total 2021 company gas capture (high pressure) percentage²
Board gender diversity, including lead director and chairs of two of our committees as of May 2022
Second strongest TRIR since becoming an independent E&P. Data as of December 2021
Women in our U.S. full-time workforce as of December 2021
Invested in social programs in 2021 to support communities

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